MetaBlox Christmas Mystery Box Event

3 min readDec 13, 2023

It wouldn’t be the most wonderful time of the year without a special event with MetaBlox. To make this Christmas even more magical, MetaBlox invites you to participate in the Mystery Box event, available on the MetaBlox App from December 11th to December 29th, 2023. This is an opportunity to dive into the world of MetaBlox, experiencing decentralized WiFi and unwrapping rewards that surpass your expectations, totaling $5,000.

MetaBlox: A Gateway to Enhanced WiFi Experiences

MetaBlox is a Web3 project focused on improving WiFi experiences while rewarding users for every connection and Check-In. Acting as a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network, MetaBlox is powered by the latest telecommunications and Web3 technologies, deployed using the DePIN model. It offers uninterrupted connectivity and a cost-effective alternative to traditional cellular services. With a focus on network security and an exceptional user experience, MetaBlox redefines navigating the digital landscape.

Unwrapping Joy and Rewards with MetaBlox Christmas Mystery Box Event

Join MetaBlox in celebrating this Christmas with the Mystery Box Event, creating a festive atmosphere for users. This event is designed to spread holiday cheer, reward the community, and foster a sense of shared experience. The mystery boxes, available during this event, are filled with surprises.

Uncover Exciting Rewards!

1. 5 + OG Miners: These advanced and secure MetaBlox OG miners, valued at $500 each, act not only as WiFi routers but also as gateways to a world of connectivity and rewards.

2. 15 NFTs: Receive NFTs from four of the hottest projects on the market: Camp Solana and Pen Fren, Apeiron, Trippin’ Ape Tribe, and Ghost Kid DAO.

3. 100 MetaBlox Token Whitelist: Secure your chance to get MetaBlox tokens before others, ensuring you ride the wave of benefits and profits right from the start.

4. 90,000 Harmony ONE Tokens: For all Harmony lovers, winning ONE tokens has never been easier with 90,000 ONE Tokens available for you to receive.

5. 100,000 mPoints: Act as the key reward in the MetaBlox project, lucky boxes contain varying amounts of mPoints. Collect and accumulate mPoints now for future staking of MetaBlox tokens, which are exchangeable for special items.

6. 10,000 Christmas Stickers: Dive into the holiday spirit with MetaBlox exclusive Christmas Stickers, available only during this event. Collect these festive stickers as you redeem mPoints for mystery boxes, adding a touch of joy and exclusivity to your collection.

7. 400 Discord OG Roles: Elevate your MetaBlox Discord experience with 400 OG Roles, unlocking a realm of exclusivity. Gain access to early access to new products and launches, turning your Discord interactions into an enjoyable experience.

How to Participate and Win

Participating in the MetaBlox Christmas Mystery Box Event is as exciting as unwrapping a present on Christmas morning.

Follow these simple steps:

Step1: Download the App:

Step 2: Set up your account by using a wallet address or an email address.

Step 3: Accumulate mPoints: Refer Friends, Add WiFi spots, and check-in at every location.

Step 4: Redeem a Mystery Box: With just 100 mPoints, you can redeem a mystery box and uncover the delightful surprises hidden in each box.

*Update to the latest MetaBlox app to join the event.

Conclusion: A Season Filled with Magic and Connectivity

As MetaBlox leads the way in the WiFi domain and commits to delivering an exceptional experience for all app users, the Christmas Mystery Box Event is just a glimpse of MetaBlox’s vision for the future. MetaBlox promises more exciting events, groundbreaking technologies, and delightful surprises.

This Christmas, let MetaBlox redefine the way you connect and celebrate, making it a season filled with magic, connectivity, and delightful surprises. Happy holidays!

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