MetaBlox February Round Up

4 min readMar 22, 2024

February came to an end with remarkable achievements, from notable collaborations to significant milestones. In this round-up, we’ll highlight the key events and developments of the past month, inviting you to join us in celebrating the progress we’ve made together.

1. Lunar New Year Airdrop

The Lunar New Year Airdrop on the MetaBlox app captivated the attention of thousands of enthusiasts and community members worldwide. With over 2,717 participants joining in, the event saw a remarkable burn of 271,700 mPoints. This not only showcased robust engagement but also the unwavering support of our community.

In just two weeks of the event, MetaBlox welcomed 12,000+ new app users and 28,391 new WiFi spots across the globe. With an impressive 56,524 check-ins recorded during the event, MetaBlox demonstrated its unparalleled utility and popularity among users. As the event concludes, the token allocations are being calculated and will soon be distributed to participants.

2. ETHDenver 2024 X MetaBlox

MetaBlox was honored to be a part of ETHDenver 2024 which is the largest Web3 event worldwide, bringing together the biggest names in the crypto space for innovation and collaboration. ETHDenver began on February 23, in Denver, Colorado, featuring over 500 industry speakers, 200+ blockchain/Web3 companies represented at sponsorship booths, and more than 600 team members & staff.

The MetaBlox team gave a presentation about the future of connectivity, which showcased the missions and vision of MetaBlox along with promoting idea sharing and creative expression. Herein, MetaBlox had a chance to meet hundreds of crypto enthusiasts who are eager to learn about MetaBlox App and the development plans in the future. ETHDenver 2024 provided a great opportunity for MetaBlox to demonstrate its leadership in community engagement, educational initiatives, and innovative contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem.

3. 100,000 WiFi Spot Milestone

In February, MetaBlox achieved a significant milestone by expanding its network coverage to over 100,000 WiFi nodes in over 125 countries. With each WiFi spot serving as a gateway to connectivity, MetaBlox continues to empower users worldwide, bridging the gap between individuals and decentralized technologies. MetaBlox welcomes you to become part of the network and experience the outstanding features of our blockchain technology and rewards systems.

4. MetaBlox X Arkreen Partnership

MetaBlox announced a strategic collaboration with Arkreen Network to maximize the potential of DePIN, Decentralized Energy, and Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) experiences. This partnership will support MetaBlox in expanding its reach across diverse Asian, European, and US communities.

5. 3,000 Participants on Quest Platforms

MetaBlox teamed up with other projects to launch 2 Giveaway events on Zealy and TaskOn. This collaboration attracted the attention of 10 diverse communities spanning various fields in Web3. In just four weeks since its launch, the event attracted over 3000 participants competing for a total prize pool worth over $5,000. By completing simple quests, participants are not only engaged but also provided with an entertaining and interactive way to explore the MetaBlox ecosystem.

6. Marking Our Name on CoinmarketCap’s DePIN Infrastructure Report

MetaBlox made its mark in the connectivity layer WiFi sector by being featured in CoinmarketCap’s DePIN infrastructure report. Well-known as the world’s most trusted source of crypto data, insights & community, CoinmarketCap’s acknowledgement highlights MetaBlox’s influential role and leadership in the DePIN space, distinguishing it among other projects in the field.

With each achievement, MetaBlox reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the decentralized infrastructure space, ready to lead the way toward a future of boundless connectivity. As MetaBlox continues its journey, it remains dedicated to fostering innovation, improving user experiences, and ensuring the community stays informed about exciting news in the upcoming months.

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