MetaBlox Making Waves on DePINscan

2 min readDec 29, 2023

MetaBlox has achieved a significant milestone by ranking 2nd on the esteemed DePINscan platform. This accomplishment not only highlights MetaBlox’s dedication to revolutionizing WiFi experiences but also its capacity to become the leader in the WiFi domain.

About DePINscan

DePINscan, powered by IoTeX and W3bstream, stands as a beacon of reliability and transparency in the realm of decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). DePINscan addresses the challenges of transparency and composability within the DePIN sector, providing a data aggregation and visualization tool that brings light to the entire network. It serves as a free public platform, offering critical information on over 20 projects to investors and DePIN enthusiasts. All the projects listed on the platform must be thoroughly checked and will be adorned with a “Verified” badge, symbolizing reliability, transparent data integrity, and a commitment to openness within the community.

MetaBlox — Top Project in the DeWi Space.

MetaBlox emerges as a Web3 project, focusing on enhancing WiFi experiences while rewarding users for every connection on the MetaBlox app. Functioning as a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network, MetaBlox deploys the latest technologies, utilizing the DePIN model. It offers uninterrupted connectivity, providing a cost-effective and secure alternative to traditional cellular services.

MetaBlox on DePINscan

Standing out among various DePIN projects, MetaBlox is acknowledged as one of the top projects on DePINscan. This reassures its status as an advanced Web3 project and a game-changing application. Now, users can view all MetaBlox nodes on DePINscan’s map. It not only reflects Metablox’s development but also increases transparency, community engagement, and strategic collaboration.

  • Transparency Boost: MetaBlox’s presence on DePINscan has enhanced the project’s transparency to the public. This ensures that investors and users can place their trust in the heightened reliability and integrity of the data.
  • Community Engagement: The community can easily stay updated on the project’s newest WiFi spots, helping users stay connected and build the network together. DePINscan’s openness aligns with MetaBlox’s goal of building trust and rewarding users for taking part.
  • Strategic Collaboration: MetaBlox being on DePINscan creates opportunities for strategic partnerships in the DePIN ecosystem.The platform enhances MetaBlox’s potential partnerships globally.


MetaBlox’s notable achievement on DePINscan is a proof of its commitment to innovation and transparency. As MetaBlox continues to enhance users WiFi experiences and DePINscan sheds light on the sector, the combination holds promise for a decentralized future where connectivity and transparency go hand in hand.

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