mPoints 101: Understanding the MetaBlox Reward System

5 min readFeb 2, 2024

With the rapid growth of MetaBlox, users can not only seamlessly connect to millions of WiFi spots but also are actively rewarded with mPoints by engaging in MetaBlox activities. This article will provide you with crucial insights about the mPoints system, shedding light on what they are and, more importantly, how users can earn them. Download the app today and join MetaBlox, where every user will be rewarded with its attractive mPoints system.

Exploring the Essence of mPoints

MetaBlox is a decentralized global WiFi network that turns every connection into rewards. mPoints serve as the heart of MetaBlox’s rewarding system, accumulating through various activities on the MetaBlox app, from enhancing connectivity to participating in community-driven events. By using the MetaBlox app, you can effortlessly track and manage your mPoints, along with stickers, other prizes, and quests, all from one convenient place.

Going beyond a mere numerical value, mPoints can be staked for MetaBlox tokens and exchanged for valuable prizes in MetaBlox events. With upcoming usage of mPoints, you will soon be able to use mPoints for CDN, VPN, cloud storage and cross-collaboration events, promising a continually evolving and enriching user experience.

3 Easy ways to kickstart your mPoints journey

Earning mPoints at MetaBlox is an easy and rewarding process. Here are the 3 ways users can earn mPoints:


Dedicated to providing WiFi access to all app users, the Check-In feature serves a dual purpose by helping users accumulate mPoints across millions of WiFi spots and monitoring the activity of all active locations. Discover WiFi locations on MetaBlox app and Check-In to enhance your engagement, rewarding you with valuable points. Rest assured, each location prioritizes enterprise-level connection security, ensuring a safe and secure networking environment at every place.

For each Check-In, you’ll be rewarded with 10 mPoints per router, and there’s no limit to how many Check-Ins you can make each day. As the WiFi owner, you will earn 5 mPoints per Check-In and receive rewards of up to 50 mPoints daily for each public and personal WiFi point you add. Remarkably, MetaBlox miner owners can receive an even more substantial reward, up to 150 mPoints daily for all the Check-In. This dynamic reward system not only brings a joyful experience to app users but also provides significant benefits to WiFi owners.

In App Quests

Invite Friends: What could be more meaningful than sharing and enjoying your favorite app with your close friends? Through the MetaBlox referral program, users have the opportunity to earn 30 mPoints for each successful invitation. Simply share your referral code on the MetaBlox app and let your friends use this code to set up their MetaBlox account. This encourages the growth of the community while providing a delightful way to connect and partake in enjoyable activities with the people you cherish.

Welcome Bonus: New users entering the MetaBlox community are warmly greeted with a special bonus of 50 mPoints. This acts as an encouragement for all new members, opening a chance to explore and actively engage with the various features that MetaBlox has to offer.

Besides these two main quests, MetaBlox is going to offer new quests that cater to various interests and preferences. Engaging in in-app quests provides users with exciting opportunities to earn rewards and further enrich their journey within the MetaBlox community.

Share WiFi Spot

One of the simplest and most effective ways to accumulate mPoints is by actively contributing to the MetaBlox network expansion. Users have the flexibility to add any WiFi spots to the network, whether it’s a free public WiFi spot or your own private WiFi.

Public WiFi serves as an accessible network open to everyone, commonly used for commercial purposes. In most cases, accessing a public WiFi does not require a password, these networks commonly prompt a login page upon connection. On the other hand, WiFi is deemed private when it prioritizes high-security features by requesting a password entry. By sharing your WiFi spot, you are not only contributing to the global network but also earning 100 mPoints for each newly added WiFi spot. Especially, for all private WiFi spots, owners will be rewarded up to 12 mPoints based on the WiFi health status.

Maximize your mPoints with the reward structure

WiFi Health Status — The key to your daily rewards

To ensure the delivery of a strong and seamless WiFi connection to all users, MetaBlox employs an innovative WiFi health system that continuously observes the activity of all private MetaBlox WiFi connections and rewards them accordingly. Newly connected private WiFi points are automatically assigned a “High” activity status. However, this status is dynamic. If no Check-Ins occur at a location for one month, the status downgrades to “Medium”, and further inactivity for another two months leads to a “Low” status. Eventually, if this inactivity continues, the WiFi point is considered offline within the MetaBlox Ecosystem.

The daily mining rewards vary based on the WiFi’s health status. Active WiFi points with a “High” health status earn 12 points, while those with a “Medium” status earn 6 points. Inactive, or “Low” health WiFi points, however, do not earn rewards.

Boost your mPoints with MetaBlox miner

Owning a MetaBlox miner not only grants you access to OpenRoaming WiFi connectivity but also serves as an exceptional tool for swiftly accumulating mPoints. MetaBlox miner owners receive a reward of 3,000 mPoints when they activate their MetaBlox miner to the network for the first time. Additionally, earning 60+ mPoints daily, and 5 mPoints for each Check-In, with a maximum daily limit of 150 mPoints — tripling the limit reward of other WiFi spots.

In the future, MetaBlox miner owners will receive token airdrop as a bonus from the MetaBlox system, making their participation even more rewarding and emphasizing MetaBlox’s commitment to its mining community. Therefore, deploying MetaBlox miners in active and popular locations can be significantly more rewarding.

These new features will be available after our next app update, which is coming soon.


MetaBlox offers users an opportunity to seamlessly connect to WiFi spots while actively being rewarded through the innovative mPoints system. Whether through checking in, completing in-app quests and sharing WiFi spots, the user experience is enriched with a dynamic reward system. Download the app today to experience the convenience, security, and joyous rewards that only MetaBlox can bring.

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